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Ventilation System

Our modern ventilation is designed to regulate air exchange without wasting valuable energy of the ventilation system.

Heat Transfer

 Does your property have a good heat source?

eg: wood fire to transfer heat from A to B or A to B, C, D

Tip – the shorter the distance from A to B the better the output of the ventilation system.

if you do not have access to mains gas ( LPG has significantly higher emission),  De-humidity or Dry mode on your heat pump an efficient consideration 

Do you want an infrastructure that can be run from renewable electricity? Or either from installed PV solar panels or as a future option. Please contact us to find out more

Heat Recovery

Heat recovery ventilation systems are commonly used in Europe and the US. They are the ideal choice for cooler climates in NZ where humidity is not an issue and heating is essential. Heat recovery systems recover up to 90% of the heat from outgoing exhaust air. All units provide high-quality filtration to improve air quality. 

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