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Here’s what a Hitachi Heat Pump can do for your home:

Energy Saving Heat Pump – Using high saving inverter compression technology, Hitachi heat pumps deliver low energy heating and cooling.

Energy Saving Features – You can switch to different energy level modes at the touch of a button to suit your needs. Some of the modes include Eco mode– slightly reduced temperature to save energy; Sleep mode– heat pump automatically adapts to the current room temperature, saving energy while you sleep; Ultra Low Standby Power mode– to further increase energy savings.

4-Way Directional Airflow The louvers of the heat pump are able to move up and down, and left to right. Louvers evenly distribute cool or warm air efficiently around the room. You can fully adjust the airflow of the heat pump to control what makes you comfortable.

Rapid Heating In Any Weather Powerful mode allows you to quickly heat or cool your room with maximum output. Hitachi heat pumps can operate outside temperatures from as low as -15˚C and as high as 46˚C to ensure you stay comfortable when needed.

Fresher Air –  The Hitachi heat pump uses the Wasabi Nano Titanium filter that uses particles of Wasabi root to clear 99% of mites, bacteria, allergies, and bad odours.

Six-Year Warranty – Getting your heat pump installed by the SKH Team includes a Six-Year Warranty for your Hitachi heat pumps.

Hitachi Heat Pump Specials


Place Type / Suitable for

Original Price / Special Price

RAS E 25 YHA Bedroom $2250 $1850
RAS E 35 YHA Medium size Bedroom to large size Bedroom / Hallway $2500 $1936
RAS E 60 YHA Small lounge $3200 $2320
RAS E 70 YHA Medium size lounge $3500 $2450
RAS E 80YHA Large size lounge / High ceiling $3700 $2850

Prices Include


Prices are for back-to-back installation incl GST


All Hitachi units come with an energy star sticker.


All Hitachi units come with a full 6-year factory warranty.

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