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Hitachi HeatPump Specials


Place Type/ Suitable for

Original Price/ Special Price

RAS E 25 YHA Bed room $2250 $1700
RAS E 35 YHA Medium size Bed room to large size Bed room / Hall way $2500 $2000
RAS E 60 YHA Small lounge $3200 $2500
RAS E 70 YHA Medium size lounge $3500 $2700
RAS E 80YHA Large size lounge / High ceiling $3700 $3000

* Prices are for back to back *installation

* All units come with an energy star sticker

*All units come with a full 6 years factory warranty.

* If your installation not a back to back install we are capable of doing any kind of installs for extra (as long as it covers manufacture requirements and the law)

*All units are wifi capable and wifi router is available for extra.

*Between units distance should not exceed more than 4 meters*

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